Like A Prisoner

Yolanda Juarez,Mexico

Interviewed By David Juarez

"The first few years of my life in america I felt like a prisoner becuase it was the first time I had been to another country and I was forced to live here. But now that I have a family I feel better because we have a better life here than in Mexico." 

The American dream is a hard one to achieve. Many people come here with the hopes of living theirs. But many of these people expect it to be an easy life when this really isn’t the case. Many of the people are brought here as children by their parents sp that they can have a good education and a good life.


         My childhood wasn’t any different. My name is Yolanda Juarez and I also came to America with the hopes of living a good life. I was brought here by my grandparents with the help of some older women. However, I didn’t want to come to America. I was forced to come which made me very sad.


         The journey over here for me was a long and hard one. It was very difficult because I had never been to another country and I had always been in Mexico which made me feel like a prisoner here. But as I got older it got easier because my family and I have a better life than in Mexico. While I was here I found some things that I really enjoyed and stuck to them.


         One of the many things that I really enjoy is exercising. I have always liked running and staying in good shape. But now that I have gotten older I do it more for health reasons than personal enjoyment. When I am not exercising I am usually at home with my family.


         I would consider myself as a very religious person. I have been religious my whole life. I would consider myself to be a catholic. Whenever I get the chance I got to church with my mother on Sundays. My whole family is just as religious as I am. I will continue to be religious my whole life.


         I have many goals to achieve while I am in America. My main goal is to buy a ranch like when I was younger and move into it. But I cannot do it alone. With The help of my family I will be able to achieve this goal. It might not be easy but I think I can do it.